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41 degrees out there. we're still wearing our winter coats out there. that could change. i might break out short sleeves this weekend. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not go too far. tom, maybe we can go that far. >> on sunday, we might. did somebody say it was friday. happy friday. we're starting off with a clear sky. it's cold. clear sky. looking at temperatures, the dark blue areas, that's in the 30s. that includes most of west virginia, a lot of virginia and a lot of maryland. in montgomery, prince george's counties, only mid and upper 30s. we've got a wind gusting around 10, 15 miles an hour. so it feels colder than that.
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here is your hour by hour forecast for this friday. we'll have a clear sky, cold breezes here for the next couple of hours. by noontime, still a bit breezy. but into the low 50s. that's still rather chilly. sunrise at 6:45. by midafternoon, we ought to be near 60 degrees. and then the winds will calm down by late afternoon. back down to the low 50s after sunset. i'll be back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast and a look at your friday evening. danella here with first 4 traffic. let's talk about i-95 and bw parkway, checking for incidents. really between the baltimore beltway and capitol beltway traveling in maryland making your way towards the beltway. clear in this area as well. here's a live look at 410 as you make your way eastbound and westbound on 50 connecting to new york avenue. no issues to report. let's talk about the rails. penn south train number 401, it's leaving baltimore. the delay is 11 minutes.
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marc is reporting an expected 20-minute delay on this train. just be aware of that. metro, vre not reporting delays. >> danella, thank you. firefighters swarmed the watergate complex in northwest washington overnight. a fire breaks out the on the balcony, sending flames shooting from the roof. it started at 2:00 this morning at the 2800 block of virginia avenue northwest. we're told that no one was hurt, but police and firefighters are not saying what started the fire. secret service was also on the scene at the time of the fire. what started the fire, again, under investigation. more breaking news also overnight in washington state, a huge fire destroys an apartment building. at one point flames 20 feet tall shot from the building hitting power lines overhead. there's no word yet on how that fire started. residents got out safely, and nearby comcast arena opened its doors to displaced residents. right now overseas markets
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are down because of fears over the potential fiscal cliff here in the u.s. japan's nikkei index fell nearly 1%. hong kong's hang seng and south korea index are down significantly. most of europe's markets are also falling today. president obama will use his first address since being re-elected to discuss the fiscal cliff. he won't likely offer a specific plan but will likely urge congressional leaders to work together to find a solution to the crisis. congress and the president have to reach a budget deal by the end of this year to avoid a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts. that could trigger a spike in unemployment and send us back into a deep recession. we may finally learn today whether president obama or mitt romney won in florida. election voters there are still counting ballots. it appears the president will win the sunshine state. he leads romney by 55,000 votes, and most of the outstanding ballots are from democratic leaning counties. the win would give president
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obama 323 electoral votes to romney's 206. another george bush is preparing to run for office in texas. george p. bush completed paperwork to run for office in the lone star state. he is the nephew of former president george w. bush and the son of former florida governor jeb bush. it's not clear what office he'll seek. closer to home, terry mcauliffe says he wants another shot at becoming virginia's governor. the former dnc chairman is running again next year. he ran in 2009 but lost the party's nomination to state senator craig daets. lieutenant governor bill bolling and attorney general ken cuccinelli are also seeking the nomination. military jets were called in to escort a plane to dulles international after a pilot declared an emergency moments before landing. united flight 662 was coming to washington from denver last night. police say a passenger disregarded landing instructions by praying in the aisle. that flight landed safely with
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no one hurt. the passenger was taken away for evaluation. new this morning, a search for five teenagers whom d.c. police believe shot a man on buena vista terrace southeast near the d.c.-maryland line. the man is in critical condition. police plebelieve all five teenagers may be armed. police also found a sweatshirt with a gun magazine near the scene. this morning the wilson county sheriff's department is asking you to help find two men involved in home burglaries. jonathan warren on the left side and william harper on the right. the men are wanted in connection with multiple home burglaries in waldorf since october. they allegedly stole cash, guns, and other electric flionicelect. the men are considered armed and dangerous. if you see them or know anything about these burglaries, call police. the man accused of attacking an elderly woman inside her northeast d.c. home is in court
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today. police say he punched the 81-year-old victim in the head and took off with her apple computer. she was found by the mailman wednesday afternoon. >> it's a heinous crime, a violent crime, and the person who did it, as far as i'm concerned, is a coward. >> the victim is resting in a hospital. she's expected to make a full recovery. 5:06, 41 degrees. next an emotional day in court. victims, including gabrielle giffords, confront a convicted killer and explain how the tragic shooting in arizona changed their
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welcome back at 5:09. a new view the moment a deadly earthquake hit guatemala earlier in week. check it out. these are traffic cameras in the guatemalan capital shaking after the tembler hit. at least 52 are dead and thousands of others lost their homes. at least 2 million people missing as well. dozens of after shocks afterwards. >> we are approaching ten minutes after the 5:00 hour. finally it's friday. feels like it took two weeks for friday to get here. >> felt that way last week too. so it's a cumulative effect.
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storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. good news for the forecast, tom? last two weeks we've been colder than average. but does look like we'll get above average temperatures for the weekend and first part of next week. still cold. we've got temperatures around most of the region in the 30s. that includes riverdale. prince george's county, hometown forecast by 7:00 a.m. bright sun. and temperatures still in the 30s. winds gusting to around 15, 20 miles an hour throughout the rest of the day. and that is going to be around noontime too when it's bright and sunny and near 50 degrees near riverdale. here's the forecast for the entire region for the rest of the day with lots of sunshine and a clear sky. we'll climb to around 60 in late afternoon. we'll have the winds diminishing late afternoon. here's your friday evening planner, chilly, calm. we'll be under a clear sky. temperatures by midnight down to the mid-40s. a look at the weekend and next
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week, that warm-up. details coming in ten minutes at 5:21. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. checking the roadways for you. pretty quiet. in virginia, had a couple of work zones set up. they're all scheduled to clear by 5:00 a.m. right now checking it for you. travel lanes are open. even on camera, not seeing any delays. here's a look from gw parkway. as you travel the beltway in virginia and even loop around to the interchange, no issues to report. however, on the rails, marc, maybe a slow morning if you're taking penn south 401. delays increasing now. 12 minutes. late out of baltimore, and marc is expecting the train to get up to a 20-minute delay. metro, vre running on or close to schedule right now. >> thank you, danella. time right now is 5:11. ahead on "news 4 today," why new york leaders are calling in police to enforce a new rule after the hurricane and
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15 after the hour. nearly two years after one of the worst mass shootings in history, jared loughner finally came face to face with his victims. those injured and the families of those killed lined up to speak to loughner as he was sentenced to life in prison, including the primary target of that attack, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her husband, former astronaut mark kelly, spoke for her, saying, quote, "after today, after this moment, here and now, gabby and i are done thinking about you." it was clear emotions are still raw. >> i'm very, very angry and sick at heart about what you did and the hurt you have imposed on all of us.
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>> kelly also criticized arizona governor jan brewer for not doing enough for gun control and mental health in that state. the blood of at least four people was found on the uniform of the soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians. that is according to a dna expert, who testified during a preliminary hearing for staff sergeant robert bales. the expert says the blood of two males and two females were found on his clothing. she also said she only tested a small sample of the stains. the current hearing is to determine if bales will face a court martial. afghan villagers and soldiers are expected to testify today and tomorrow. 5:16 now. a pilot wanted for murder tries to make a getaway by stealing a plane, and the whole thing is caught on video. the surveillance video from a utah airport shows the man hopping a fence and stealing a 50-seat sky west passenger jet. the plane never took off, but one of the plane's wings ripped through a building before crashing in a parking lot. the man, who was wanted for killing his girlfriend back in
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july, shot and killed himself after the crash. no one else was hurt. there is growing frustration for hundreds of thousands of people in new york and new jersey. this all after a snowstorm slammed the northeast and set back sandy relief efforts. just a week and a half after that storm, the record breaking snowstorm added to the power problems. between the two states, 200,000 new power outages were reported. new york's governor andrew cuomo calling for an accident, accusing utility companies of being unprepared and badly operated. new jersey governor chris christie says all 400,000 outages in his state should be fixed by saturday. in an effort to shorten gas lines in new york city and long island, gas rationing starts this morning. they'll be able to buy gas on alternate days according to their license numbers. the odd and even system is similar to one being imposed by new jersey. voters in new jersey have until 8:00 tonight to e-mail or fax their ballots. voters eligible for the
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extension have to request the ballots by 5:00 p.m. tuesday. the state extended the deadline for returning those ballots to make sure all requests could be verified and votes could be counted. plans are under way for a huge concert in new york city to help those affected by hurricane sandy. the event at madison square garden is dubbed 12-12-12 because it falls on december 12th of this year. it's being produced by the same company who did the city's 9/11 benefit. that concert included big names like paul mccartney, jay-z, and elton john. benefits will go to the robin hood relief fund, which will help victims in new york, new jersey, and connecticut. st. andrew apostle catholic church in silver spring is just one of the many churches and schools collecting clothes, food, cleaning supplies, blankets, and money for storm victims. today all the church's donations will be packed up on a truck to be taken to new jersey this weekend. happening today, a former oil executive expected to be named the new archbishop of canterbury.
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the bishop of durham, justin weldy, reportedly the pick to lead the anglican church. he made the shift to the clergy. he will replace archbishop rowan williams, stepping down early this year. a tennessee teenager is at home from the hospital after he survived three days injured and in a ravine. 19-year-old tyler campbell was driving near huntsville, alabama, saturday night. apparent apparently, he fell asleep and drove off the road. his truck ended up at the bottom of a 30-foot ravine against that tree. he managed to crawl out. he couldn't make it back up to the road despite trying several times to crawl up there. his family spent three days looking for him. finally on tuesday, he was able to make it back up to that highway, where a driver saw him and called for help. >> he said, i went as far as i could go. i prayed to god to take me. and he said, god told me i wasn't done yet. it's incredible. i knew he was tough. i didn't know he was that tough.
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>> he survived all that time only on rainwater. he was treated for a broken leg and a shoulder. you see there. tyler talked to nbc news. you can hear his story of survival this morning on the "today" show. smiling big. >> what an incredible story. the will to live. and how scary it is when you're sleeping behind the wheel. >> i've done it. i've fallen asleep driving before. it's not worth it. wherever you are, have somebody come get you if you're tired. it's not worth getting behind the wheel. >> what a great story. >> coming up on 5:21 on this friday morning. so happy it's friday, i don't know what to do with myself. tom kierein has an eye on the forecast. >> good morning. starting off under a clear sky, crescent moon in the southeastern sky. ought aum constellations under a clear sky. it's cold. much of the region down into the
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30s. culpeper at 30 degrees. also below freezing in the central shenandoah valley and out in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. closer to washington, fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties generally mid and upper 30s. we've got a breeze that's kicking up too. it's blustery and gusting to around 15, 20 miles an hour. you need your warmest winter coat on this friday morning. it's going to be cold standing at the bus stop. right now reagan national at 43. a bit milder right on the bay. elsewhere inland, away from the waters, it's cold. as we get into the rest of the afternoon, we'll climb to around 60 degrees. storm team 4 four-day forecast, lots of sunshine. the breezes will still be a bit blustery during the day. they'll diminish by this afternoon and tonight. going out tonight, a clear sky. 40s in the evening. near 40 at dawn. during the afternoon, a high around 60. then much warmer weather moving in on sunday. afternoon highs soaring to near
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70 degrees. finally getting above average for the first time in a couple of weeks. we'll have lots of sunshine on sunday, a delightful day. for veterans day observed monday, some sun in the morning, clouding up in the afternoon, with highs in the mid-60s. then a front comes in. seven day outlook into next week, tuesday could get showers from that front with highs mid-50s. after the front goes by, some cooler weather moves in and drying out for wednesday and again thursday. i'll be back in ten minutes, first 4 traffic this friday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning. thanks, tom. happy friday, we are here. almost, almost. right? let's check roads in prince george's county. looking along branch avenue, even 301. if you're traveling in ft. washington, even down the accokeek as well as the clinton area, brandywine. local cameras look good. not seeing any accidents and no major delays just yet. going to give you a live look as you make your way over landover road and bright seat road in both directions. traveling the beltway, a live
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look at branch avenue, inner loop and outer loop getting by without any issues. good news if you're traveling in montgomery county as well. the construction inner loop and outer loop between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard, that work zone is clear, and your travel lanes are open. let's take a look at the rails. penn south, delays growing. train number 401 looking like a 14-minute delay. may go up as high as 20. we'll keep watching it. >> thank you, danella. this morning d.c. united fans have a reason to celebrate. the team is moving on to the conference finals. >> de leon! inside of three minutes! delirium for d.c. united! >> delirium. d.c. united beat the red bulls 1-0. in the second and deciding match of their playoff series, nick de leon scored the winning goal with just minutes left. up next for united, the houston
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dynamo. first match is set for sunday in houston. and the madness begins tonight. it's tip-off of the college basketball season. georgetown taking part in what is quickly becoming a veterans day tradition, the carrier classic. the hoyas will take on the tenth ranked florida gators aboard the aircraft carrier the "uss baton" in jacksonville, florida. and the terps against the defense champs. maryland takes on number three kentucky tonight at the barclays center in brooklyn, new york. tip-off at 8:30 tonight. most of us spend a large portion of our lives working. so it's no surprise our jobs can have a big impact on our general well-being. one of the best places to work in the country, beryl health care in texas makes workplace happiness one of its top goals. the ceo of the company even hired someone to plan workplace parties and events. the ceo says making sure people are having fun while they're working means employees work harder, which means more
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profits. >> a leader has to genuinely believe and realize most importantly there's a connection between culture and profit. it's not only the right thing to do, it's good for business. >> paul siegel says another way to boost productivity is to incorporate physical activity into the day. he says employees who move around, tend to be more engaged and energetic. what do you think, aaron? >> i would agree with almost all of that. i think our general manager does a good job and our managers in our newsroom do a good job of making sure people are happy. we have little parties and things. >> we just had employee appreciation day. we like to get a little competitive, which i think gets us excited. >> you want happy workers, it just makes good sense. >> and it's nice to have good co-workers. >> and jackie's a hugger. i don't think she'd mind me saying that. our general manager. >> we love jackie. 5:25 is our time. straight ahead, we'll tell you about an emotional moment for the president. >> i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. >> what got president obama so choked up and even brought him
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to tears.
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looking at stories making headlines, firefighters investigating what started a fire at the watergate building in d.c. overnight. d.c. police are searching for five teens who they believe shot a man at the d.c.-maryland line. military jets escorted a united flight to dulles international overnight, saying a passenger disregarded eed la instructions by praying in the aisle. we're just getting these numbers into the news room. some 8,000 syrian refugees fled to turkey overnight amid escalating clashes between rebel forces and those loyal to damascus. that puts the number of refugees that have moved to turkey to
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120,000 at this point. we'll update you with any numbers. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. >> melissa, thank you. we want to get right to our forecast. meteorologist tom kierein to tell us what you can expect going into the weekend. >> are you ready for a warmup? >> beyond ready. the wind coming out of the north and west is gusting to around 10, 15 miles an hour. it feels colder. most of these areas in dark blue are in the 30s. that includes all of maryland, all of virginia, west virginia. most spots there are below freezing in the 20s. 22 cold degrees here on this november morning. it's below freezing along the
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blue ridge and central southern shenandoah valley as well. right now montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county in mid and upper 30s. it feels colder than that. you'll need your warmest winter coat by 7:00 a.m. still cold and breezy and sunshine. sunny, noon hour. low 50s, still a bit of a blustery wind. before then, ought to reach near 60 degrees by midafternoon. sunrise 6:45. sunset 5:49. are you going out tonight? i've got your evening planner along with a hometown 4 forecast. first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. we're going to talk bridges. traveling anacostia bridges, potomac bridges, nice and clear in the district. also, if you're crossing over the wilson bridge, no issues there. a live look at the american legion bridge. picking up volume, no major delays, no accidents. checking bridges, this time the 14th street bridges as you make your way into the district.
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no issues there. even on 395, you are nice and clear north and southbound. and the key bridge, again, nice and clear. i'm back in ten. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. it is now 5:31. today president obama will take on a crisis that could plunge our nation into a deep recession. he'll use his first speech since being re-elected to address the so-called fiscal cliff. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on what the president will say. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. we're expecting the president to do two things. first of all, he's not taking questions when he speaks in the east room early this afternoon. he will urge congress to quickly extend the bush tax cuts because they expire at the end of the year and also cooperate in dealing with the rest of the fiscal cliff, those big pay cuts coming and the rest of the fiscal cuts that are going to take place if they don't do something about it. the president expected to lay out a general ground work with no specifics on how they are to do that. the white house saying how everyone needs to come to the table.
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republicans say okay. that includes considering cutting spending on some of the big programs that democrats want to preserve like medicare and social security. republicans also need to be open, democrats say, to raising taxes, especially on the wealthy. now, house speaker john boehner sort of opened the door to new revenue. conservatives say he wasn't talking about raising taxes. he wasn't talking about growing the economy. so as people earn more, we end up getting more tax revenue from those larger earnings. all of this may not calm wall street because whatever they do between now and the end of the year may be temporary if they continue to work out the big picture. what we do know, the congressional budget office says, if congress does nothing, we could be looking at 9% unemployment next year. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton has said she does not plan to stay with the obama administration for his second term. that has sparked a lot of questions about who the president would choose to fill that spot. it appears u.n. ambassador susan rice is emerging as a leading
5:34 am
candidate. according to bloomberg news, several white house officials say rice is close to the president and has a similar foreign policy philosophy as the president. senator john kerry and national security adviser tom donlon have also been mentioned as potential replacements. hillary clinton may remain secretary of state for the beginning of the president's second term. this morning we're seeing how emotional president obama became during and after his re-election bid. >> what you guys have done to continue the work that i'm doing, i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. and what you have done -- [ applause ] >> the president got choked up when he thanked members of his campaign staff on wednesday. he told his staffers and volunteers that he is confident they will do amazing things in their lives. dozens of students at one virginia college may be disciplined for how they reacted
5:35 am
to the president's victory. hampdon sydney college said 40 students were upset and set off fireworks, threw bottles, and shouted racial slurs at members of a minority student organization. some of them even made threats. the incident never turned physically violent. the all male college's president said some of the students may even be expelled. virginia lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are calling for an investigation into what caused unbelievably long voting lines in the state. at least one line in prince william county stretched for five hours, and several polling places were not able to close until 11:00 at night. politicians point out that similar backups did not happen in 2008, where there was record voter turnout. now they want a full report from the state board of elections. >> we are going to hear from the board of elections a full report about what happened, why it took so long, why they weren't really prepared for the massive influx of people thatn't wanted to vo. >> just unacceptable. why weren't the proper
5:36 am
preparations taken. we knew it was going to be a big turnout. >> one person in charge of elections in fairfax county say things like a shortage of volunteers, outdated equipment, and prep time cut short by hurricane sandy may have been part of the problem. coming up on 5:36, recently passed question seven in maryland getting its first legal challenge. national harbor, the likely site of a new casino, guaranteed in question seven filed suit against the attorney general and others say the gaming center would compromise their quality of life. it claims not enough registered voters came to the polls to allow the passage of question seven. the u.s. will continue the flying of unmanned drones near iran even after iran fired on a drone last week. the drone was conducting routine surveillance about 60 miles off the iranian coast when shots were fired.
5:37 am
it wasn't hit and returned to its base. a video game has landed members of covert navy s.e.a.l. team 6 in hot water. the navy disciplined seven members of s.e.a.l. team 6 for disclosing classified information to the video game medal of honor. it boasted that it was written by actual u.s. tier 1 operators while deployed overseas. the s.e.a.l.s received letters of reprimand which could end careers and docked pay. they will not face jail time. a four-day-long ceremony is going on at the vietnam veterans memorial. >> david a. land. louis e. milan. >> the names of the more than 58,000 people on the vietnam veterans memorial wall in d.c. are being read aloud for the 30th anniversary of the vietnam wall. the reading of the names started wednesday and goes through saturday night, stopping only
5:38 am
for a few hours just after midnight each night. >> we hope everyone takes a moment to honor our veterans at some point this weekend. i'm privileged on sunday night to participate in an event that's going to air live on maryland public television. america's veterans. remember the tribute from ruben studdard of "american idol." i'll be working with the air force band. i got to do something with them on memorial day. >> they're amazing. >> they really are. i'm happy and privileged to be with them. 7:00 on maryland public television. >> people are going to be surprised to know you can actually sing. >> don't start that rumor. then people have expectations and perpetual disappointment. 5:38 now. coming up, the clue left behind in a recording studio that police say is connected to a
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. weather and traffic on the ones. good morning. early on this friday morning, a clear sky, the crescent moon,
5:42 am
the autumn constellations, and a blustery cold wind. that includes great falls, hometown forecast in fairfax county, still in the mid-30s. then by the lunch hour in the low 50s. bright sun and a blustery wind. here's the forecast for the whole region the rest of the day. this friday afternoon, we'll climb to around 60 by midafternoon. the winds still blustery. they'll diminish by sunset. if you're going out tonight, here's the evening planner. mid-40s by midnight. cold and clear as we start off saturday morning. a look at the weekend and into next week in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. first 4 traffic, we're going to head over to i-66. a live look. actually, let's do dulles toll road first. i want to clear construction there. hunter's mill road westbound. it was slowing you down. traffic lanes open on the dulles toll road on issues there. now over to 66. nice and clear. i want to give you a live look because your volume is increasing just a bit. as you head eastbound, your
5:43 am
volume increases just a bit. a disabled vehicle in your left shoulder lane. to get to the beltway, your travel speed 58 miles an hour. 11 minutes to make that drive. it is now 5:43. next the movie production that could slow down your commute
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14 before the hour right now. a video has surfaced that appears to show a teacher in baltimore being bullied by students. take a look at this cell phone video now. it is inside the classroom at digital harbor high school at the magnet school in baltimore. there are two female students there who appear to be taunting the teacher. they flick her in the face. they throw some things at her apparently. you can hear the class laughing in the background here. school officials reportedly told the baltimore news organization that one of the students has been disciplined. looking for two men they say robbed a recording studio right after recording a rap song
5:47 am
there. >> police are looking for the men singing that song called larry hoover. several people were in the studio at the time. police say the suspects got away with the victims' wallets and phones. no one was hurt. this morning we're learning how four men convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of textbooks committed the crime. take a look at the sting operation video at george washington university bookstore. you can see one of the men place the new books on the table. another boxes them up and takes them to the loading dock where they're picked up. the books were then resold online. prosecutors say the men stole $200,000 worth of textbooks from december of 2010 to january of 20 su. one of the men will be sentenced next friday. the others will be sentenced
5:48 am
next january. schools that are under enrolled and under performing. it will be open for parents and teachers to comment. well, you could soon not be allowed to light up on montgomery county property if a proposed ban passes. council member at large nancy florin will introduce a bill that will ban smoking on all montgomery county property. it's to ban cancer cases. said to be in favor of the law. fans of the recently passed d.r.e.a.m. act are hoping to start a national conversation on immigration reform. they will hold a conference call today on the ballot and its potential to have a national act. the d.r.e.a.m. act allowed undocumented immigrants in
5:49 am
maryland to pay in-state tuition at community colleges or four-year universities if they can prove they pay taxes. a proposed amendment to the d.c. charter to allow the city to spend its money without congressional approval. former d.c. mayor anthony williams and former congressman tom davis are expected to testify in favor of autonomy for the district. if voters approve the amendment, it would be up to congress to reject it. apparently, congress has oversight of the district's budget including local tax dollars. d.c. leaders talking with congress about changing a rule that's been in effect for more than 100 years. it limits the height of buildings in the district. it's one of the most unique aspects of d.c.'s landscape, the absence of high rise buildings. there is a 12-story limit. but congressman darrell issa and d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton have called for a study into whether that should change. advocates say easing the restriction could allow for new development and help accommodate a growing population.
5:50 am
some people do have concerns. >> what i want to avoid is a crystal city type of situation where you have these monolithic buildings, and at night they're dead, and they turn into vast canyons. >> this study is scheduled to be completed next fall. we have a traffic alert for drivers in potomac, maryland, in just a few minutes. film crews are scheduled to start production on a new movie. that could slow down your commute. news 4's tony tull is live on river road with more. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. star judy dench, if you don't know who she is, she played "m" in the movie james bond. that might bring recognition to her face. as you said, we're going to have a traffic alert this morning starting around 6:00 a.m. it seemed to be a big problem yesterday. we're going to bring up all the folks in potomac this morning. the crew is filming at a stage at a church here off river road and norton road. they're going to take their equipment out of the church parking lot and driving it up river road to the undisclosed
5:51 am
location where the set is. they're not allowed to film during rush hour. right before a live shot, i went and checked in with some of the security guards at the set location, and they said that they will be doing the same thing today. for all the folks that are in potomac that head south down into bethesda and on into the district, this is going to be a big, big problem for you folks traveling river road this morning. time for weather and traffic on the ones with tom kierein. a look into the weekend. >> you need your winter coat this morning. it's been colder than average for almost two weeks in a row. we haven't gotten to 60 degrees since way back two weeks ago sunday. this has certainly been an unusual pattern. we also had cold breezes. i took this picture yesterday morning. the wind was stiff and blowing at 25, 30 miles an hour.
5:52 am
it's not going to be that strong today. if you have an interesting weather photo, you're out and about, post it to we'll share. you can follow me on facebook and twitter too. as you look there at capitol hill, a live view from our hd4 city camera under a clear sky. it is cold. 43 at reagan national. that's one of the warm spots on the warmer waters of the potomac. northwesterly breeze at 5 to 15 miles an hour. a view from space showing the clear skies all around. a crescent moon and temperatures down in the 30s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, much of southern maryland away from the waters in the 30s, as is the eastern shore and the northern neck of virginia. farther west, shenandoah valley into the mountains, most locations there are below freezing. it's going to stay that way for another couple of hours. morning commute by 7:00 a.m., bundle up. it's still going to be cold and breezy. mid-30s to low 40s. by the noon hour, we'll be warming into the low 50s. and still a bit of a blustery
5:53 am
wind, but we'll have that bright sun. the rest of the afternoon will be sunny. afternoon highs reaching around 60. storm team 4 four-day forecast into the weekend. tomorrow still colder than average. average high this time of year, 61. morning lows near 40. afternoon highs right near the average on saturday with a few afternoon clouds. sunny sunday, finally getting warmer than average. looks like we'll be climbing into the upper 60s. maybe some locations near 70 degrees. midafternoon on sunday. a delightful weekend coming up. and then for veterans day observed monday, sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon. highs reaching mid-60s. front comes in on tuesday. will probably bring some passing showers in the 60s, and then cooler, dry weather follows wednesday, thursday next week. i'm back in ten minutes. your first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. hey, it's friday. our volume in our area, it's looking really good. not too bad. no major delays just yet. want to show you what i-95 in virginia looks like. nice and clear in both directions.
5:54 am
if you're making your way out of dale city, here's a live look at the weigh station. northbound lanes, no issues. southbound lanes, nice and clear. continuing northbound on fairfax county parkway. seeing your volume increase just a bit. no major delays just yet. as you make your way from prince william parkway to the capital beltway. that drive will take you 14 minutes. think of this as friday. good news on the rails too. no reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre. penn south 401 was delayed. right now marc isn't reporting any delays. all is well in the world. aaron, over to you. >> we like the way that sounds. thank you, danella. we talked about the film industry in maryland a few minutes ago. it looks like the spotlight on virginia is growing the commonwealth's economy with the film and tv industry setting up shop more and more in virginia. the industry's total economic impact increased almost 15% last year. the increase of filming also brought more than 3,800 jobs to virginia and contributed nearly $60 million in tax revenue. major movies that are filmed
5:55 am
here last year include j. edgar, argo, which i saw and was fabulous, and the new steven spielberg film which premiered last night. metro doing track work. on the orange line, buses will replace trains between east falls church and clarendon. and trains will single track between vienna and east falls church. same thing ben grosvenor and friendship heights on the red line and greenbelt to college park on the green line. it will last through the day on monday. a reason to check the kitchen cupboards. chocolate maker nestle is recalling one of its most popular products. shartia brantley is live with that >> good morning, eun. lenestle usa is recalling nesquik chocolate mix due to
5:56 am
risk of exposure. it's sold across the country, produced in early october. the affected products have an expiration date of october 2014. nestle says it has not received any reports of illnesses associated with the product so far. and mcdonald's is getting fried. the fast food chain reporting same-store sales that fell for the first time since 2003. the company just faces more competition. the sales slump resulted in mcdonald's being the worst performing stock in the dow on yesterday as shares touched a new 52 week low. back to you. >> shartia brantley. shartia, thank you. move over iphone. the samsung galaxy s-iii is now the best selling smartphone in the world. that's according to strategy analyti
5:57 am
analytics. that model of the galaxy is also one of the fastest selling smartphones in the world. samsung has sold 30 million since the launch. i wonder how the iphone 5 will hold up. >> we'll see for sure. definitely. you heard about babies being born and taxis maybe, sometimes in the back of a car, stuck in traffic. this morning we're learning about a woman who gave birth on the sidewalk. heather whitlow was walking outside her home on "l" street in southeast d.c. this was friday afternoon apparently. she says she felt some mild labor pains. called her husband. he drove home slowly, apparently, to pick her up. she says those labor pains took a sudden turn. doctors say the baby boy alexi is just fine. daddy caught him on the sidewalk. alexi's parents say they can't wait to tell the story of their birth as he gets older. her first child took 50 hours. she thought this one would be faster, but not that fast. >> exactly. you see the dad's arms like this. this is what i did. sorry. ahead, why you may be ahead, why you may be allergic to your cell phone and
5:58 am
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